BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT® (BGWP) is a global movement and brand magnifying the stories and artwork of Black women and girl artists. BGWP aims to increase the visibility and investment of Black women in the global arts market.

Black Girls Who Paint Inc, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity of the movement, is a community cultivating change with two goals in mind – (1) to show actual Black girls who paint that the arts is a viable career path and (2) to empower the next generation of talented artists with resources and support. 

Both movement and nonprofit work in tandem to diversify the arts industry towards more representation on both sides of the brush, ultimately normalizing Black women in the arts as a whole.

Why? Because when we see ourselves, we believe in ourselves and encourage others to do the same.

- Sasha-Loriene, Founder of BGWP



Sasha-Loriene - Washington, DC Metropolitan area (DMV)

Sasha-Loriene is a contemporary artist, curator, community leader, and entrepreneur positively influencing the arts. She created BGWP on September 4, 2017 as a direct response to not seeing herself the further she progressed in her art journey. Being the change she wanted to see, she cultivated the safe space and community of Black women artists that she needed as a young Black girl who loved to paint. Since then, BGWP evolved into a platform dedicated to every Black girl and woman who has ever felt unseen or undervalued in the places she wished to permeate. Every program in BGWP represents a pivotal moment in Sasha-Loriene's life where she dreamt of more inclusive art resources and opportunities for her younger self, thus creating the following:

  • BGWP Directory - Artist Listings & Events to promote visibility and connection
  • BGWP Passion To Purpose Fund - Pipeline iniative to provide material support, scholarships, and opportunities to support young artists (the next generation) and our current community
  • BGWP Spring Exhibition (Washington, DC) - Annual Exhibition to highlight Black women artists
  • BGWP Gala (coming soon) - Annual Fundraiser to build sustainability for the future


   Sasha-Loriene continues her philanthropic endeavors while she expands her own artist practice/portfolio and navigates the arts world by storm.