1. Be Kind, Respectful, and Tactful

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Feel free to connect with your fellow BGWP Members and treat everyone and this safe space with respect. Keep all interactions limited to art and business related topics, paintings, sisterhood, and community.


2. No Misrepresentation of Self or Offered Products/Services On Our Website, Online, or In-person

BGWP is all about creating genuine relationships in art and business. We believe in being honest, fair, and professional, especially in how we conduct business and share transparency within our own art practice(s). Integrity is important and your name is everything.


3. Read and Follow Instructions

If you have a question, please examine/research your resources. Much time and resources have gone into this website to ensure a better website functionality, directory, and membership. We welcome questions and inquiries to assist your experience but if it is already answered/addressed on our website, we will direct you to the appropriate page on the website. 


4. Be Proactive, Not Reactive 

BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT encourages active participation not only within your art career and business, but also within our community. Waiting for opportunities to appear without investment or effort is an almost certain path to being and staying a struggling artist. BGWP Members are NOT struggling artists. 


5. Be Accountable For Your Art Brand and How It Relates To BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT

If you are contacted or receive a lead(s) via the BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT website, please respond professionally and appropriately in a timely manner. Please be mindful of how you conduct business on your own time, as well. The art/business world is small and you need community. Your actions and reputation will follow you.



We as BLACK GIRL WHO PAINT promise to utilize our talents to create images that reflect the diversity of our community. We believe in filling gaps from the past and present while uplifting and empowering our sisterhood. We are investing in our future generations by seizing growth opportunities. As members of BLACK GIRL WHO PAINT – we are committed to showing up, being seen, and telling our own stories. We hold all of our members to a high standard. As such, breaking any of the BGWP Community Guidelines will result in immediate and permanent termination of membership.