Austin, Texas, United States

Akaimi Davis

Austin, Texas, United States


Austin artist inspired by Black, African, Latino, & Indigenous cultures

Akaimi Davis, born and raised in Austin, Texas, knew her life’s calling was to become an artist at the age of 5. Fine art is her third career, following 12 years as a licensed hairstylist, as well as a graphic designer and art director for 11 years.

Following a very rare cancer diagnosis in 2012, Davis chose to resign from her position as art director for one of the nation’s top 25 retailers. She delved into painting as a full time career to support herself and her three children. While undergoing 2 years of chemotherapy, she sought art as a therapeutic process, which is still utilized today as a form of meditation and prayer. As the cancer diagnosis propelled her creativity, people from all walks of life, fell in love with, and were inspired by her story, journey and art.

Davis’ influences come from a wide array of both classical and folk artists, as she is called to depict images that portray Black, African, Latino and Indigenous cultures. Through her paintings, she conveys love and respect for her cultures and ancestry. Akaimi Davis is a graduate of Texas State University- San Marcos, holding a BFA in Communication Design. She presently resides in East San Antonio, TX with her daughter, and two dogs.


Austin, Texas, United States