Columbia, South Carolina 29209, United States

Anointed Art

Columbia, South Carolina 29209, United States


Self-Taught artist based in Columbia,SC so risking in activist and Afro Art

I am Najee Reese, a 21 year old self taught artist. I am originally from Hopkins, SC and am currently residing in Columbia,SC. I have been making art for approximately 3 years ,and have been a full-time artist for 2 years. Acrylic paint and mixed media are my preferred mediums to work with. 

        With every piece that I create, the number one goal is always to display the beauty and spirit of blackness. Activism Art is very close to my heart for that reason, as an artist is my responsibility to tell the story of where we were and where we are going. I love pushing limits and trying new things through art. Whether it be teaching myself a new skill or finding ways to innovate what I’ve done before. 

         My creative process is spontaneous and free flowing. Once I have a blueprint of a painting in my mind anything is possible, I do my best not to put myself or thoughts all in one box. My greatest inspirations come from my relationship with God, my soul, it can be anything music, people, culture, justice, nature or whatever sets my soul on fire. In the future, I aspire to have my own a bookstore/art gallery. There aren’t many African-American woman gallery owners, there should be more, and I will be apart of that. 



Columbia, South Carolina 29209, United States