Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Ariella Israel

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


I’m owner of Thee Creator based out of Cincy, Oh specializing in Portraits.

Ariella, also known as Thee Creator is A self-taught visual artist from Ohio. Thee Creator was established in 2016. I created this brand to first and foremost share my gifts to the world and represent for the women of color. 

My journey as an artist begin the day I was born, such talents are only God given. As A young girl I always found myself with a pencil in my hand drawing. Growing up I was mostly inspired by shows such as Scooby-Doo, Blues Clues and Spongebob. Believe it or not, I was drawing before I could write but back then my style was more so abstract. 

Although, I was not the best artist growing I always felt connected to it. In spite of not always having the supplies to create it just added more fuel to thrive in the future as an artist. 

I never took A career in Art serious until I came across a fellow thriving artist, Markus Prime. At that moment I knew being an artist was not unrealistic. From that day forward my days were spent perfecting my craft. 

I take pride in creating original work and I have learned recreating photos will get you noticed but originality is what keeps them noticing you.


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States