Los Angeles, California 90746, United States

BH Art

Los Angeles, California 90746, United States


Visual/Abstract Artist based in Los Angeles, CA who creates an array of art

There are so many reasons why I create, but the biggest reason is simply because I love it. I’m truly a lover of the arts! Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I remember always drawing in my bedroom as a little girl. My brother and I spent time drawing every chance we got! ✨

I find that art is everywhere and in everything and as I got older, painting things I see became the biggest outlet for me. When I use a paint brush, I paint what my spirit feels. Creating works of art is more than a hobby for me. It’s a way of life. The people and things around me are my muse. I can see something in reality and immediately envision it in an artwork.????

Art for me is putting my feelings and emotions in that piece of work. It gives me the ability to translate. The ability to bring peace, hope and love to a family/home/gallery when my works of art are received. It creates something that only art can facilitate and I love every part of the journey.❤️


Los Angeles, California 90746, United States