Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06457, United States

Carinista Art

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06457, United States


A combination of fantasy, abstract and portraiture. All in the business of

Born in Lompoc, CA and raised in Waterbury, CT. From a young age, Carin Bernard has always exhibited traits that were different from her peers. She was always the tallest, the lightest and "busiest" kid all around. Though her traits made her feel isolated, it also encouraged her to explore more created ideas. She is a self - taught artist, singer, actress and overall entertainer. However, since August 2017, acrylic painting has taken up most of her spare time.

In 2015, Bernard graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics, Mathematics minor. Her goal was to attain the proper skills to one day manage her company currently known as Carinista Art. To date, she has participated in 11 Vending and live painting events, has sold over 70 original products and commission paintings and has instructed 12 paint classes. 

Bernard's brand logo is represented by a cherry outline to encourage women to stand above traumatic experiences, preserve who they are spiritually, and to promote self-love.

By 2020, Carinista Art will be fully engaged in community related projects and events as wells as promoting her Movement #RespectTheBrand which promotes unity through respecting each other's cultural differences.

She is truly the last Carinnahnah as she continues to live above the norm and pushes to make the world a more beautiful place.


Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06457, United States
Autumn Flow
$ 480.00
CB Hive
$ 90.00
Ciara Rooted
$ 500.00