Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Honey Pierre

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Mixed-media artist using shapes, patterns, & movement to showcase diversity

Cassandra Hickey also known as Honey Pierre was born in Cleveland, OH July 1993 one of four children from Rhonda Harris. Cassandra has always been interactive in art activities but her real introduction of it was from fashion magazines and this started the urge to draw illustrations everyday. From there Cassandra was introduced to more ways of expressing herself in an artistic manner by learning new mediums, techniques, and confidence in ones work thanks to the local high school teacher. Instead of attending a college or institute for the arts she chose a different route by joining the United States Army. For the next three years her life was dedicated to serving her country. Once the contract was up Cassandra fed her urge to become an artist full time. Moving from Cleveland to Atlanta was a transition but it made the journey towards more creative outlets. In two years Cassandra has been apart of over 40+ art exhibits/ art events and apart of two community based nonprofits.

Artist statement:

Using organic shapes, patterns, and flowing movement I have created my own style of markings. Capturing the soul of these spaces in the community through weird lines, markings, diverse color pairings I showcase the true diversity in the community as a vibrant network of strength, love, and positivity.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States