Chicago, Illinois, United States

Imani Evans

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Portrait Abstract & Mixed media artist based in Chicago Illinois.

Hello and welcome to my artistic world. My name is Imani T. Evans, but my artist name is Manimadness. I am currently 25 years young and am based out of the Chicago south suburbs. My passion is art and has been for my entire life.

I have been drawing since I was 3 years old. Whether its on a paper, a napkin, a plate, or the wall, if i have an idea i have to get it out my head which whatever materials I have around me. 

I have so far lived a normal life, which I mean by going to school graduating from high school a with AP art credits then going to college to continue my love for art by majoring in Studio art painting. Probably not what the average person goes to school for but it's my passion and one of my main reasons I was put here on this earth. Why and how do I know this? It's because of the reactions I get when people look at my artwork. "I've never seen anything like that" or "I never thought a painting could have that type of meaning."

My art is mostly for myself and how I feel in that moment, but its very interesting to have others tell me what they think the artwork means. Its almost another form of communication from the artist to the art to the viewer and then back to the artist. A creative and conducive cycle, I'd like to call it. 

With my art I hope to not only express my life through out my artwork but to also connect myself to the viewer in a very vulnerable way. I hope you enjoy your artist trip through my life, thoughts, and dreams.

                                        From my mind to your eyes.


Imani T. Evans


Chicago, Illinois, United States