My Background 

Jamaican born, Miami raised multi passionate artist currently living in Los Angeles. My desire to draw and paint has always been a key part of my life. While studying fashion design in college I learned to combine my love of visual art with fashion. This led to my creating one of a kind pieces that are revered and worn by several international music artists and custom accessories that have been featured at runway shows and artist showcases in South Florida

My Medium

Being a multi passionate artist gives me a wide range to explore a plethora of mediums. For my visual art pieces, I use acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencil and charcoal. For my apparel and accessories (clutches and bangles): I use wood, silk embroidery thread, canvas, leather, acrylic paint, Swarovski crystals, metal studs and spikes.

My Inspiration

My work is inspired by philanthropy and my love of learning about people and their different cultures worldwide. The music, traditional garments, body modifications, accessories and textiles all serve as a great influence. I travel the world through my art and my intention is to share my love of people and culture.