Brunswick, Georgia, United States

King Beazus

Brunswick, Georgia, United States


Visual artist whose unique eye and love for all things unusual helped form

“And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.” Nipsey Hussle

Who Is King Beazus?

King Beazus is a self-taught visual artist from Georgia, whose unique eye and love for all things unusual helped form the unwavering bond that she has created with art. acrylic being her main medium, focusing on pop art, the hip hop culture, and a slew of vibrant, bold, statement pieces to represent the melanin in all of us.

A question that I often asked is, “Why King, and not queen?”, to which I respond, being a king means being a ruler, the most important person in your family, you are the protector, the overseer, the strongest, and you would lay it all down for your loved ones, and in my little family, I am king. . . .plus it’s hilarious to see some of the faces people make when I introduce myself. I know traditionally men are supposed to be kings, but calling myself “queen” just didn’t feel right, while very powerful in itself, KING just fit better with who I am as a person. 


In the words of the famous late great Nipsey Hussle. . . . . checc me out!


Brunswick, Georgia, United States