Germantown, Maryland 20876, United States

Michelle Izquierdo

Germantown, Maryland 20876, United States


Abstract artist based in Maryland, specializing in instruction & murals.

My name is Michelle Izquierdo and I'm an abstract artist based in Washington D.C.  I love creating artwork with bold colors and hints of texture. Personally, I feel colors can express ideas and invoke feelings that sometimes words just can't and that's why I'm drawn to using so much color. I also love using texture in my artwork because I love the idea of people secretly "petting" the artwork when it's on display (You little rebels, you!).

I've had the privilege of showcasing my artwork all over the globe in Washington DC, Baltimore, Fredrick, Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York and London.  Recently, I started to dive into the public art scene. It's pretty amazing to create something that is going to be on display right in the "open" for everyone to see. It's a totally different feeling and I'm here for it. When I'm not creating for myself, I'm creating commissions for clients. I love turning a client’s vision into reality. The commissions aren’t always abstract either! If you have an idea, drop me a line, I would love to create something magical with you. Finally, if none of those tickle your fancy, you can catch me at a live event. I often host classes or private parties for individuals that would love to get their hands dirty and create.  The classes range from different subject matters and skill levels but I can always tailor them to what you're looking for. Take a peek at my class list and join us! Alright, that's my spiel, enjoy looking at my creations. I hope to hear from you or see you around. 

Peace, Love & Art


Germantown, Maryland 20876, United States