Laurelton, New York, United States


Laurelton, New York, United States


Traditional and Digital artist based in NYC.

     Vanessa, known by Nesstolgia, is a NYC based artist who focuses on putting her emotions and imagination in each art piece she creates. She wishes to tell a story within everything she puts out. But the beauty is seeing as each story can be interpreted differently by the viewers, making it a shared experience. Whether it is the story of an emotional time or a character with story beats weaved into the piece, a story is always told in some form. 

     Vanessa found this love of art and storytelling through her family. As a child she remembers always having a crayon in her hand as art was a big part of her family. She would read countless storybooks with her mother and stare at the beautiful pictures with wonder. Or even the first time she was able to visit a museum and see the large paintings on the walls. The only problem was, she didn’t believe she could do it because the artists she mainly would learn about in school looked nothing like her. 

     Now in present day, seeing and learning about other artists of color has inspired her greatly. Not only the big names like Kerry James Marshall, Kehinde Wiley, or Amy Sherold, but the small artists as well. The ones who only have instagram or who post videos on Youtube. And through this inspiration, she hopes to also help other artists of color who may feel as though they’re not allowed to express themselves in their art the way they would like. That they are allowed to step out of the box and paint or draw whatever it is they want. That it’s okay to just be you. That is something she strives for constantly in her own art. That raw feeling of self expression and storytelling without trying to be anything that she’s not. Just purely her. Just Nesstolgia.



Laurelton, New York, United States