Dallas, Texas 75044, United States

Nugget Pop

Dallas, Texas 75044, United States


Paint fun and colorful art depicting women, men, and children of the diaspora as the beautiful beings we are. One brush stroke at a time.

Only practicing art as personal hobby, I filled my home with paintings. Struggling in the rat race of 9 to 5s, only considering school to get a job that pays the bills. One risky step led me towards becoming an artist. Moving to Dallas, attend the Art Institute of Dallas, to become an Interior Designer. It was a creative love that seemed to be my way out. I still haven't obtained that degree. But little did I know; my accomplishments at AiD and becoming a mother would spiritually redirect me. My gift would lead me to liberation and cultivation. Build my own Creative Empire. Build from the ground up. Dream bigger and inspire others. 

We were created to create. You are a work of art.




Dallas, Texas 75044, United States