Houston, Texas 77406, United States

Sheneese’s Pieces

Houston, Texas 77406, United States


Versatility~ Art~Heart - -Art Freedom with no rules (Based in Houston,TX)

Sheneese’s Pieces is all about freedom of art creativity and expression with zero rules. Because of course rules, limit freedom.  It’s all original, one of a kind, versatile and its with heart. Right now it is all on canvas but is in the process of going "beyond the canvas" and implementing, clothing, shoes, housewares and practical accessories. 
Sheneese’s Pieces started as a hobby in December of 2018 and became a functioning business just a few days later in January 2019. 
My start is kind of a long story, but in short, I, Sheneese, have no formal or informal training in either drawing or painting. This business simply came about after becoming disabled and not being able to physically have a fulltime job and looking for something MORE to do while at home caring for my new daughter born July of 2015. 
I have always loved and admired all types of art as a bystander but had no idea that being behind the paint brush and sharing myself with the world was in the cards. I also did not know, until that first day of painting that this is not only where I love to be but also where I am destined to be. I feel it, I KNOW IT, and I'm rocking with it. I call it being PUSHED INTO MY PURPOSE! It came much later in life BUT, it's never too late. I feel very blessed already with support all over and customers in 8 states most of whom, I don't know personally. While I would love to be known worldwide one day, I will not rush this process but simply enjoy the ride and keep painting in the process. I hope that each person that views my work can take something away, even if it's just a new perspective and/or respect for living artists and original art. There should be at least one place where we can be totally free, and to me, for me, art is that place. Peace, Heart and ART!!


Houston, Texas 77406, United States
$ 350.00