Anaheim, California, United States


Artist, Designer, Creativity Engineer. . . Bringing Light to Life, Creative

the artist past. . .

I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an artist, the pencil was my tool of choice. And while paint on canvas is my primary mode of expression now, in the early stages of my college education, I was told by my professors that I was not a painter. This was a major set back and I would not truly take up the brush again till I returned to MSU to finish my degree—and then, only because there was no “drawing degree program” available..

the artist present. . .

Up until recently, my work consisted of oil on canvas paintings. Within the past few years I have begun to work with acrylics, which is now my “go to” medium. These days, my work is not just about art shows and commissions. I am passionate about guiding others in exploring their own creativity and using my art as a tool in ministry used to enhance the message.

I favor the figure...singular, in an unconfined and undefined space, letting the viewer find their own story and meaning. Creating a point of dialogue that can go...anywhere...


  • Drawing/Illustration
  • Painting - Various mediums
  • Photography - Digital, Film
  • Art Instruction
  • Design (fashion/graphic)


  • BFA - Mississippi State University
  • Associates in Fashion Design - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise
  • Coursework: Advertising Design - USIU, School of Performing & Visual Arts


  • Owner/CEO of sA-Ni Creatives LLC
    • DBA: Artistik Flows Mobile Paint & Sip



Anaheim, California, United States