Miami, Florida, United States


Miami, Florida, United States


Surrealist painter, Illustrator, and writer based in South Florida

Symphonii Smith-Kennedy is a 19-year-old artist who is originally from South Florida. Graduating from Dillard Center of the Performing Arts and continuing her education at Maryland Institute College of Art, these environments provide her serious artistic exploration in painting and her identity. Utilizing art to learn what it means to be a Black queer woman in the current climate of the world while using her experience, imagination, and admiration for the unreal to influence her work. As a traditional artist, experimenting with digital art, Symphonii’s aspirations bridge between fine art, illustration, and entrepreneurship. Eagerly discovering how art and eCommerce can intersect in a way to fund her education and livelihood.

Artist Statement

As an aspiring painter and writer, I illustrate mythological and supernatural based pieces derived from my book Urban Celestial and my heritage/culture. Surrealistic fantasy originates from my dreams depicting the dream references and converting them into paintings and drawings. Stylized vibrant concepts and strict realism influence my traditional paintings. Also portraying an admiration for the animal kingdom and the world around us that we take for granted. While pursuing my art career at Maryland Institute College of Art, I learned how to incorporate my heritage and black history in my work instead of conforming to the modern concept of fantasy art. Some of my recent work is more symbolic than fantastical though.

         My identity has never been so engraved into my work until recently, being a black queer woman has its' own hardships and beautiful moments. The more I grow as a human the more I am able to be one with my work, letting it speak about my transgressions in a way that others can also relate to. I also incorporate the natural world a lot more, ever since I started my new series of work called "Not your muse" which is about using my art to tell the narratives of black women (all who identify as one) and femmes in the way that we want to be seen! I utilize flowers from the region that I'm focusing on to symbolize the subject in each piece and the other forms of plant life for the supporting characters, which are usually animals. 



Miami, Florida, United States