Rahway, New Jersey 07036, United States

Tara Patrice

Rahway, New Jersey 07036, United States


Artist, Photographer, and Digital Creator in love with traveling.

Since I was younger I sketched, colored, and painted everything I could. Art was how I expressed myself. Over time I became more interested in photography. Taking pictures of everything and anything that inspired me. As I got older I focused on fashion and devoted time to studying the industry. Have a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design. And have also studied photography and interior design. 

Over the years I began creating more and took time to find my happiness and true passion. I am a recent yoga enthusiast on a new journey in this new decade. I am on journey of self discovery, self love, and self care by means of travel, food, reading, art, and fashion. I also have a blog which is a combination of all of those things. 




Rahway, New Jersey 07036, United States