Milwaukie, Oregon, United States

Victoria Wilks

Milwaukie, Oregon, United States


Artist based outside of Portland Oregon. Working mainly with acrylic paints

 I am Victoria Wilks and I originally am from SE Washington but have mostly live in the Portland metro area in Oregon. I am half black and Mexican, but grew up in a Mexican household. Which often lead to me questioning my 'Blackness' and left me insecure of not having a race to belong to. 

I have always loved to paint and loved color! Watching Bob Ross was often my entertainment as a child, along with many Nick at Nite black and white classics. I however did not actively pursue my love and natural inclination for painting during my childhood and teen years. Often due to life and circumstances, but art was always an escape from life and circumstances. 

As an adult in my later 20's and into my thirties the idea and the dream of being an artist, that was even just a little bit successful, came to closer to the forefront in my mind. I became a mother and went back to school at the age of 31. In the time I spent in school I found that I could and can be a great artist. 

Now I am an active part time artist working mainly with acrylic paints. Depicting the female in shapely forms with bright vibrant colors. I also enjoy painting birds and plants in colors that are opposing but find harmony at the same time. 


Milwaukie, Oregon, United States