It’s no secret that historically, Black women artists have been left out of many narratives in both modern & contemporary arts, leaving few references for the following generations. Far too long has the arts world been dominated by the westernized male perspective & lacked diversity or representation. It’s essential now more than ever that we share our art & our stories so that generations after us can know that they belong in the spaces we’ve traveled & beyond.

Why?  Because art is both a refuge to & from the outside world where we have the unique ability to create from a vulnerable state & being an artist is more than just creating beautiful artwork, it's about creating a universal language, an actual story, that connects parts of ourselves & our artwork with the audience. It's also about a continuous journey of transformation, proactive in nature. So having an authentic community that actual Black girls who paint can relate & look up to is invaluable.

As such, the BGWP Directory was created to be a safe space for Black women & girls to see representation in the arts, a space many of us didn’t have & were subsequently forced into an alternative path that didn’t align with who we are. Members not only join a directory, but a community that’s becoming history every day by daring to live our artistic truth. Whether you're a self-taught or formally trained artist, full-time or partial, community is essential. BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT is more than just a social media brand. We are a community cultivating change on a micro & macro level offline. We want to see more Black women artists in spaces that we once dreamed about (magazines, galleries, museums, public art, cinema, etc.) & in positions of both power & ownership. And we want to see more Black girls encouraged with narratives of active ‘professional artists’ as opposed to ‘struggling artists’ so they know that because of us, they can. Together, we're making that happen because when we see ourselves, we believe in ourselves, & encourage others to do so, as well!


When you join the BGWP Membership, you also join a global community that places an emphasis on safe spaces (representation & security), the ecosystem (interconnected & intergenerational community), & inclusion in the arts market (normalizing Black women in the arts). BGWP Members receive the following benefits:


In addition to forming a safe space that doesn't always exist in our local or online communities, our membership creates an ecosystem of Black women working artists to increase visibility so young Black girls can not only see themselves in the art world, but also pursue & maintain a sustainable art profession in the future. As such, the BGWP Membership is explicitly for:

It's important to note that the purpose of the BGWP Membership is to compliment your current art practice & business, not create either for you. Active participation is required to fully reap the benefits of the BGWP Membership & enhance your experience as an artist throughout your art journey overall. Check out the BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT Community Guidelines (Code of Ethics) to see how we ensure a safe space for our members & our FAQs about the required information to be showcased in the BGWP Directory. 


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