August: Lola Kirkland

August 22, 2021

Name: Lola Kirkland

Grade: 6

Location: Medford, NJ

Nominated by: Ms, Mia

"Lola enjoys painting everything, especially people. She's currnetly focusing on different techniques to paint faces and hands. I can't remember a time when she wasn’t coloring, painting, or doing some sort of craft. Lola is a sweet, kind mannerly young lady who spends a lot of her time practicing drawing and painting. She often has “Art Dates” with me so she can learn. Lola saves all her money for supplies. She is also a giving person that always puts a smile on others faces. 

Lola, you are an amazing young lady with knowledge beyond your years. This opportunity is so well deserved so you can explore new ideas and continue with your art. I know your Art gives you pleasure because I can see it in your smile. Keep Painting sweetie!" – Ms. Mia