Fall 2020: Danae Antoine

August 11, 2020

Name: Danae Antoine

School: Georgia State University

Major/Concentration: Drawing & Painting

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Location: Atlanta, GA



Artist Biography

Through the use of aged and larger body types and unconventional self-imagery, my work brings to light an unspoken part of femininity. My art criticizes the American narrative of the black feminine experience and how this narrative has shaped my worldview. Through making art, I am rebuilding my identity, and giving myself a new narrative. I reference the lives and experiences of women around me who have marginalized voices in popular culture and the fleeting nature of youth. Celebrating both the beautiful and challenging aspects of life is prevalent in my art. In “In Search of that Feeling” and “Anticipatory Grief,” my most recent work, I explore time, memories, and my personal grappling with mortality. My art serves to challenge and confront the viewer to reevaluate their lives and those around them. I often refer to Expressionist Francis Bacon’s figurative work, and photographer Laura Aguilar, who both explore raw emotion and vulnerability that I’m inspired by.

Through my art, I create a small window into my vision, which communicates the things I struggle to articulate. I prefer using traditional methods of drawing, painting, and printmaking to convey my message. Drawing and painting is my intended discipline because it affords me freedom to experiment and challenge myself. The process of creating itself can be visceral and emotive, not only capturing the image but the passion behind the piece.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints allows me to express my most inner passions and ruminations. In America’s current climate and culture, black girls are often misrepresented and misunderstood. My identity as a black girl deserves to be further discussed and explored through painting. I offer a narrative unique to myself that aids to create a diversity in the black feminine identity.

I intend to influence the world with my art by offering a different voice to the black community. As someone who struggles with mental illness and body image, topics not often discussed in the black community, I want others to see my work and relate. In my childhood, if I had seen an artist who created work I related to, I would of known I could survive and thrive through my own struggles.

Loose Skin by Danae Antoine

Loose Skin by Danae Antoine

SheListens SheWatches by Danae Antoine

SheListens SheWatches by Danae Antoine