December: Sydnei Jackson

December 25, 2021

Name: Sydnei Jackson

Grade: 8

Location: Detroit, MI

Nominated by: Teacher, Ms. Kyles 

"I met Sydnei as a 6th grader in an after school program and I now have her as a student in 8th grade art. Her evolution and growth in technique and creativity has flourished throughout the time I have known her. I still remain just as impressed as I was the moment I met her 2 years ago! Sydnei incorporates character paintings and develops a story that goes with each character. She also really enjoys oil painting earthy scenes of our world and landscapes with the occasional Surrealistic twist. Sydnei is also beginning to push herself more by attempting to master the technique of realistic observational oil painting which she has been excelling!

Sydnei, you are one of the reasons I enjoy the profession of teaching...Your spirit and energy lifts me and inspires me to continue to introduce and share unfamiliar ways of thinking and creating to young people...Thank you for being such a magnificent super star!." - Ms. Kyles