December: Victoria Simmons

December 23, 2020


Name: Victoria Simmons

Grade: 12

Location: College Park, MD


Nominated by: K Simmons

Tori has been painting since the summer of 2017. I noticed she has a real love for painting when we went to a paint party hosted by our church and I could tell how advanced her skills were. From there she started painting on her own and her skills took off. I could tell that she was in a different “zone” when she painted and how much it relaxed her. Tori’s favorite subjects are African American women silhouettes, animal faces and nature scenes. She also uses a lot of colors that blend and layer harmoniously together. I’m often amazed at how well she can blend colors to attain the desired effect.

Tori is also a straight A student in a very rigorous science and technology high school. She also is very involved in her school’s theater program and various community service projects. She does all of these with excellence and still finds time to produce beautiful works of art. She's an excellent example how multi- faceted black girls are and how they can exceed at whatever they put their minds to.

Tori, this award is just another example of how excellent you are in everything that you do. You are smart, talented, hard working and can do anything you put your mind to whether its participating in an engineering project, acting in a play, mentoring other students, or creating a work of art. Black girls are magic and I could not be more proud!

­- K Simmons