Fall 2021: Destiny Moore

August 21, 2021


Name: Destiny Moore

School: Maryland Institute College of Art

Major/Concentration: General Fine Arts

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2024

Location: Baltimore, MD

Portfolio: https://officiallydestiny.com/



Artist Biography

I create work that engages the audience and represents my experience as a 19-year-old black girl of Bahamian descent born and raised in Miami Florida. As a multidisciplinary artist, I apply different forms of art such as painting, sculpting, animating, photography, etc. My work revolves around the prominence of black women by illustrating femininity, identity, race, and culture. I paint black female figures blue as an exploration for creating a narrative through visual representations that are beyond my comfort zone. My art gives me a crystalline perspective of who I am and I hope to normalize the beauty and elegance of black women through representational imagery. I’m heavily motivated by the fact that I see myself in my art and hope that other black girls will too. My love for art is innate and I will continue to evolve and explore various art approaches.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Navigating this world as a black girl can be quite challenging as my black peers and I constantly face discrimination. As a black girl who is innately artistic, I choose to use my talents to spread positive depictions to combat negative viewpoints of black people. Therefore, being a black girl who paints means being a black girl with valuable opinions, and influence through creative imagery.