Fall 2021: Amanei Johnson

August 21, 2021

Name: Amanei Johnson

School: University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff

Major/Concentration: Visual Arts

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Location: Pine Bluff, AR

Portfolio: https://jhinjhang88.wixsite.com/website



Artist Biography

Chicago-based artist Amenei Johnson  began creating art since she was able to pick up a pen. She went from drawing on the walls as a kid to creating online exhibitions and being involved in HBCU alliance with museums and galleries. Art will forever be her passion, and she considers herself her greatest masterpiece. Amenei works in many mediums of art and finds herself exploring what it means to create art. She hopes her art will reach the spirit and consciousness of each individual and inspire them to create change. This change could be from within, or change to the environment around them. Amenei's  art is meant to be a catalyst of vibratory change, and present a reflection of the viewer.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints, defies societal norms placed upon black men and women at a young age. The word 'black' brings empowerment, instead of being a label pushed upon by predominantly white institutions. It is a reminder of my ability to transform labels of oppression to labels of empowerment.


ACENSION 1996 by Amenei Johnson

Your dream by Amanei Johnson