February: Indira Graham

February 28, 2022

Name: Indira Graham

Grade: 9

Location: Covington, GA

Nominated by: Mom 

"Indira is an amazing artist! She loves to capture facial expressions, in particular, emotional face expressions painted with acrylic on surfaces that range from glass, wood, formica countertops, canvas, fabric, etc. No matter what Indira experiences, she allows the love of art to propel her forward. Art has provided self-confidence for not only for Indira, as she encourages others who may have gone through what she has experienced.

Indira, you are my hero! You are truly is a beam of light that shines so bright. Your outlook on life, zest for wholeness, pureness of heart, and ability to press through difficult times with a smile makes me so proud. Your love for God has strengthened me in ways words will never explain, especially during the current climate we are living in!" - Mommy