June: Brea' Williams

June 20, 2021

Name: Bria' Williams

Grade: 12

Location: Nottingham, MD


Hi I'm Bea'! I mainly like to create self portraits because my work is a depiction of the world through my eyes. I mostly paint in a somewhat realistic style. I typically like to work with bright color palettes or exaggerated perspectives and compositions. I am unapologetically a black girl who loves to paint and loves being a black girl. I love to create work based on my experiences being black and a young woman’s and often the intersectionality of those things. I am genuinely passionate about painting no matter what the subject, although my subject matter is always the most important to me when making a piece. I feel painting is where I can be the most vulnerable and expressive.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints means to use the excellence embedded in me to create beautiful work based off of my experiences, including my experiences as a black girl. It also means to represent myself, and girls like me, in a space that typically does not favor or highlight us black girls as much as it should. Finally it means to use my voice and abilities to show, inspire and learn from other black girls who paint.