March: Phoebe Johnson

March 13, 2021


Name: Phoebe Johnson

Grade: 10

Location: Richmond, VA

Nominated by: Monique Johnson

"Phoebe's love for art was sparked in her Montessori elementary school where she received cool opportunities to study with local artists. Since then she has been interested in visual art, stained glass and photography, however she recently discovered painting is a form that she also love. The 2020 quarantine gave her more time to experiment and identify the painting mediums she enjoys most.

She is currently experimenting with oil and acrylic portraits that highlight individual beauty and diversity. She has focused on portrait paintings of young Black girls and women because she enjoys capturing the diversity within our culture. She is also beginning to be commissioned to paint portraits for interested clients.

Phoebe, I am proud of you for working hard to develop your painting skills. Over the past year, through self-study and determination, you have been diligently focused on creating beautiful pieces. This is only the beginning and the sky is the limit. God has given you a gift to share with the world. I love you and am your biggest fan! " – Mom