May: Sole Denton

May 16, 2021


Name: Sole Denton

Grade: 12

Location: King George, VA


Hey I'm Sole! I don't particularly have a specific style I like to paint the most but I do prefer to paint the black woman. The power we exude is something that should be captured forever. I also tend to paint pop icons and black leaders. I am determined to get my name out there and show that hard work does pay off. I haven't been painting for a long time and was discouraged at one point because I always compared myself to others. But as I soon realized I'm not like others and that's fine, being myself was just enough. I am an incredible artist!

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints means breaking down barriers for other artists of color. Women are already underestimated in life and I'm here to prove everyone wrong. Women can do anything and everything. Painting is a great form of expression, some paint the struggles of life while others paint abstracts. I paint for my culture.