July: Ruth Hardy

July 11, 2020

Name: Ruth Hardy

Grade: 12

Location: Spring, TX



Hi my name is Ruth! I like to paint the black youth using objects and poses to represent a message in either the real world or within the subject.  I love mixing abstraction and texture with smooth realism to portray the real world which is complicated and is sometimes straight forward or requires some interpretation. 

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

A woman/girl who creates artwork that represents themselves and other under represented individuals. A black girl who paints uses her skills to empower other black women/girls. A black girl who paints undergoes setbacks and overcomes them in order to succeed and inspire others within the community to not be a statistic. I've always been underestimated because of the color of my skin or becauseof the texture of my hair.

I've done a lot of risk taking and soul searching for me to finally embrace myself as an artist.I realized I didn't need to be a doctor or a lawyer to be respected but stand tall and make moves with confidence. My art is my confidence and strength and I'm proud to be a black girl who paints.


Sponsored by: Make & Mend

Established in 2017 by Somerville artist, Emily Tirella, Make & Mend was born out of necessity. Make & Mend is a second-hand art and craft supply shop in the heart of Union Square.  The goal of this space is to bring gently used art supplies to the community at a reasonable rate.  We have everything from high quality yarns to glue sticks to paint brushes to fabric. 

Art Supplies are incredibly expensive retail and many area artists and makers are unable to try lots of different mediums and grow their practice because of financial restraints.  We just want people to make things, try different mediums and learn from each other.