September: Riley Morris

September 12, 2020

Riley Morris

Name: Riley Morris

Grade: 11

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Hey! I'm Riley! I love all types of paintings, but my favorite medium is acrylic paint. I love creating paintings about black girl empowerment because as a black girl, I want to use my passion to empower young women that look like myself. I don’t have a specific style of painting that I like more than all the others because I love variety and the idea that I can replicate something that I’ve seen and then add small touches to make it unique and my own! I have a real passion for painting and love to use it to uplift and inspire other young women while giving back to the community.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints means that I’m strong, intelligent and versatile. It means that I am different but also special! I use my talents to bring hope, love and joy to other people that look like me.