September: Shaeley Lincoln

September 28, 2021


Name: Shaeley Lincoln

Grade: 12

Location: Baltimore, MD


Hey, Shaeley here! I enjoy painting women of color and emphasizing our hair. I love creating life with vibrant colors with oil paint and oil pastels. I also like adding sculptural elements to my paintings because it helps to accentuate the hair. I often upcycle the material that would be considered trash and make it into something beautiful - much like how black hair is sometimes deemed “trashy,” I like to show the beauty in it. I love cultivating new ideas that are fresh and enticing and want to encourage other classmates and artists to put their art out into the world. I love painting and want to use it in my future career path!

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints is uplifting and empowering. It means being passionate in my craft and taking the time to master the things I do. It also means continuing to paint even if I don’t get the praise or recognition. I am bold in what I paint and create.