September: Tahlia Ray

September 28, 2021


Name: Tahlia Ray

Grade: 12

Location: Detroit, MI

@tahlia.annette & @tahliaannettearts

Hi, I'm Tahlia! My favorite style and subjects vary depending on how I feel. I never like to keep myself in a box so sometimes I like abstract, sometimes I like to paint animals, and sometimes I like to paint people. I'm also very crafty so if I'm not painting, I making blankets, trying to work clay, and creating things with my hands. I enjoy having this freedom in art! I love exploring different art forms and figuring out what else I really love.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints means that I get to express the things I feel and go through being a black girl. Painting has been a way for me to visually express how I’m feeling when I don’t feel like saying it or don't want to be labled as "aggressive" or "rude" when I'm really just passionate. I tend to feel very strongly about certain subjects and painting allows me to show the world what I’m feeling without having to say a word.