Spring 2022: Ashia Shelton

February 02, 2022

Name: Ashia Shelton

School: Maryland Institute College of Art

Major/Concentration: Graphic Design

Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Location: Pine Bluff, AR

Portfolio: www.ashiashelton.myportfolio.com




Artist Biography

My current area of study is Graphic Design, which often combines painting, printmaking, typography, collage work, and drawing to create anything that can be seen or used for visual communication especially within a public setting. As a graphic designer and painter, my work expresses the structure of music, black identity, and black stories. My design work inspires the paintings I create, which can be both abstract and literal. I often gain inspiration from architectural elements, musical compositions, and films. I am constantly exploring how to tell stories and how both design and painting can interact or inspire one another, as it's important to express the times and tell stories that we may never know or hear about in artwork.

What does being a Black girl who paints mean to you?

Being a black girl who paints, defies societal norms placed upon black men and women at a young age. The word 'black' brings empowerment, instead of being a label pushed upon by predominantly white institutions. It is a reminder of my ability to transform labels of oppression to labels of empowerment.

Alice Coltrane by Ashia Shelton

Dynamic Trio