BGWP Awards Fund Expansion and Rebrand

We decided to place more emphasis on scholarship and resources for the next generation of talented Black women artists and continued support for community engagement, bringing more of a pipelined program to BGWP moving forward. As such, we renamed the BGWP Awards Fund to the Passion To Purpose (PTP) Fund and plan to expand to a third program, the Artist Micro-grants in 2022. 

December 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Sydnei Jackson + Kelis Goodwin



BGWP | Magnifying Black Women + Girl Artists

We successfully raised over $2,500 towards the creation and production of the BGWP Artist Lookbook Vol. 1 from our IFundWomen x Caress Dreams to Reality Fund: BGWP | Magnifying Black Women + Girl Artists! We also celebrated our 501(c)(3) approval! Donations made on or after 7/30/2021 are tax deductible! As such, an Artist Lookbook will be gifted for donations made during December 2021, as we continue to raise funds for 2022 programming and expansion.

November 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Molly Johnson + Kayana Culin



IFundWomen x Caress Dreams to Reality Fund: BGWP | Magnifying Black Women + Girl Artists

We're raising funds to celebrate and memorialize Black women and girl artists in a high-quality cocktail table book - The Black Girls Who Paint Artist Lookbook Vol. 1, our first book that documents our unique contributions to Black Art History! Our overall goal is to normalize Black women in the arts  by archiving their stories into tangible works that can be physically passed down from generation to generation! Funds raised will be used towards the production and publication costs. This book will be used during our next giving campaign as a gift for donations as we raise funds for 2022 programming now that we've restructured our BGWP into a non-profit.

October 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Julia Mathus + Mekhya Metcalf



BGWP Virtual Open House w/ Dontae Muse

Dontae Muse of Above Art Studios was our speaker for our fifth Virtual Open House (VOH) on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. Dontae Muse extended office hours for an information session! Artists were able to gain insight into monetizing their creativity and essential tips on how to increase their streams of income while building their portfolio. Artists also had the opportunity to ask questions at the end! The VOH was inspirational and useful feedback on improving marketing strategies and client/collector base was exchanged.

4 Year Anniversary

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on September 4, 2021! During this time, we also welcomed Christie Jones, our Summer Intern, to the BGWP Team as the new Outreach Coordinator working with outreach for the Awards Fund and solicitations. We are excited to continue growing with Christie in her role moving forward.

September 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Tahlia Ray + Shaeley Lincoln



Open Enrollment Period for BGWP Membership

Our new member campaign for open enrollment , #FindingKhadijah, started August 16 - 30. During this time, we collaborated with Mahyue Studios,  Skin Acrylic Paint, and Addie Rawr for a giveaway (1:1 Consultation, a specialty curated gift set, and a free BGWP Membership). This new quarterly intake process streamlines new membership intake and ensures active participation, as we are focused on increasing the number of engaged quality members who are not only working/professional artists but also those who want to serve as a role model for Black girls and teen artists.

August 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Kailey Prince + Lola Kirkland

Fall 2021 Student Award Recipients: Destiny Moore + Amanei Johnson



Femininity Defined Online Exhibition

BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT presents “Femininity,” our first online group exhibition examining divine femininity independent of the woman's body. This exhibition challenges the western framing of femininity with less emphasis on bodily identifiers or status quo. 29 Black women artists are free to explore Divine Femininity through various forms of visual storytelling while the audience is invited to think outside the box in how they conceptualize in their own everyday lives. Exhibition is on view from July 1 - August 8, 2021.

BGWP Virtual Open House w/ Saundra Heath

Saundra Heath of The Heath Gallery was our speaker for our fourth Virtual Open House (VOH) on Tuesday, July 7th, 2021. Artists were able to gain insight into strengthening their artist practice and art business plus had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange information at the end. We started July rejuvenated with practical skills to apply in our artist practice and everyday lives!

July 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Jasmin Smith + Jael Chandler



Curated Discussion

In preparation of the Femininity Defined Exhibition, we held a private curated discussion for artists, art collectors, art administrators, community leaders, etc. about our own interpretations of femininity on Thursday, June 24, 2021. During this introspective conversation about femininity in our everyday lives, we heard from our Founder and Curator, Sasha-Loriene, along with 5 participating artists ( Korina Isler, Elisa Gusdal, Aliyah Bonnette, Christie Jones, and Jess Owens-Young) of different paths & backgrounds about how we define femininity. We then opened the discussion to all attendees for a rich dialogue about our shared experiences. The night was filled with engaging truth telling. 

Royal Talens Grant Writing Workshop

BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT Partner Royal Talens North Ambassadors, Wennie Huang hosted a free workshop for BGWP Members. Wennie Huang is teaching artist, current BGWP x RT Mentor, and Art Professor at the Parsons School of Design and the College of New Rochelle and spoke about grant writing due to popular requests.

June 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Bria' Williams + Madysen Casey



BGWP Virtual Open House w/ Schillica Howard

Schillica Howard of Banneker-Douglass Museum was our speaker for our third Virtual Open House (VOH) on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Artists were able to gain insight into developing their own exhibitions, gain essential tips on the preparation and presentation process, and also had the opportunity to ask questions at the end. This hour-long intimate conversation between artists and visual arts professionals encouraged much introspection and artist development.

May 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Mariah Collins + Sole Denton



BGWP X WRF Virtual Artist Showcase

We teamed up with We Roam Freely for a Virtual Artist Showcase that highlighted 25 uniquely talented BIPOC artists as they shared their artwork and discussed their experiences as BIPOC women in the arts! Featured Artists included: AishaAlford (Aisha Nailah), SCLSCM, Bri Simpson, Dominique Yon, Vanessa Summers (Nesstolgia), Chidinma Dureke, Erika L. Mixon, Michelle Kaye, Stephanie Gowdy (Alyrical), Francilla Seaton (Zions-i), Shardaya Jones, Laura Di Piazza, Shahaadah Morell (Haadah), Tanya Bracey, Jennifer Jackson Lee (Black Fine Artist), Brea Martin (Brea Te'Ann), Elisa Gusdal (Elisa MG), Johanna Desrosiers, Liz Brent, Valerie Imparato, Shannon Scates, Bria Edwards, Cara Marie Young, Christie Clermont, and Cynthia Ovando. The artists were amazing and it was great to see so much talent in the building.

Sponsored By: Creativebug, JoAnn, Artsnacks, Sakura of America, and Sis.Art Supply

BGWP x Royal Talens Mentorship

BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT partnered with Royal Talens North America, art supply distributor and arts education advocate, late 2020 in an effort to provide resources and assistance to BGWP Members interested in investing in their art and in themselves as artists. One of those benefits if the Mentorship Program offered three times a year. We kicked off our first cohort with 10 BGWP Members matched with 10 Royal Talen Ambassadors. 

April 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Ma'Laysia Martin + Sarah Lewis-Davis



BGWP Virtual Open House w/ Dominique Gallery

Dominique Clayton of Dominique Gallery was our speaker for our second Virtual Open House (VOH) on Saturday, March 27th, 2021. Artists were able to gain insight into strengthening art portfolios, navigating the art world, and acquiring art collectors. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange information at the end. We closed out Women's History Month on a positive note with some extra tools in our belt!

March 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Phoebe Johnson + Elizabeth Duncan



Black History Month Celebration: 11 Black Women Artist To Know

In an effort to further normalize Black women artists especially during Black History Month, we shared the stories and art of 11 Black women artists (painters) in American history, 1 artist every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in February across our social media platforms. We learned about those who came before us, as we don't hear much about Black women artists in history and are committed to sharing their stories and ensuring more representation. Celebrated artists included: Lois Mailou Jones, Alma W. Thomas, Laura Wheeler Waring, Clementine Hunter, Mildred Thompson, Emma Amos, Faith Ringgold, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Elizabeth Catlett, Suzanne Jackson, and Howardena Pindell.

February 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Jalawn Monroe + Aaliyah Harris



BGWP Awards Fund Increase

The value of e-gift cards for each Girls Award increased from $75 to $100 and the value of each Student Award increased from $750 to $1,000 each semester based on donations.

January 2021 Girls Award Recipients: Lydia Atkinson + Aaliyah Stark 

Spring 2021 Student Award Recipients: Kendall Robinson + Aliyah Bonnette


BGWP Virtual Open House w/ Dominique Gallery

We co-hosted a Virtual Open House with Dominique Gallery on December 18th. Dominique Clayton of Dominique Gallery extended her office hours for an information session as a continuation of the BGWP x Dominique Gallery Open Call. Artists gained insight into strengthening their art portfolios, navigating the gallery world, and sustaining their artist practice. Speedball Art Supply sponsored $40 worth of art supplies for 5 attendees in support of Black women artists! BGWP Members Shannon Scates, Melisa Brown, and Erica Holloway along with artists Nandi Jordan and Alexandra O'Neale were selected for their active participation and investment during the Q&A segment in support of Black women artists. It was also great to hear directly from a Black woman arts administrator and gallery owner directly. Our attendees were engaged and asked insightful questions. What a way to close out 2020 on a positive note with some extra tools in our belt!

Sponsored by: Speedball Art Supplies

December 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Victoria Simmons, Ma'at Qadaffi, + Zoe Gillespie



November 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Erin Lally + Autumn Cureton 



BGWP x Dominique Gallery Open Call For Black Women Artists 

We collaborated with Dominique Gallery, a storefront and virtual gallery and arts incubator founded by Dominique Clayton, an African-American arts manager and writer, for special consideration for upcoming fairs, solo and group exhibitions, and special programming in 2021. Our goal was to invest in the growth and representation of Black women in the fine arts space, as museums, galleries, art fairs and other organizations were also assessing gaps in their rosters and staff. We received over 120 submissions for our open call. 9 talented artists were selected, 4 of which were BGWP Members Erica Holloway, Laura Di Piazza, Robyn Thompson-Duong, and Ashley Cole. Ruth Owens, Ashley Gardner, Alexis Fudge, Alkebuluan Merriweather, and Laneigh Shirley. How amazing!

BGWP x Realism Live Scholarship 

We partnered with Royal Talens & Streamline Publishing to offer a scholarship program for BGWP Members. Michelle Lee and Elizabeth Hudson were selected to attend their virtual convention, Realism Live, from October 21st - 24th! Realism Live featured four days of inspiration from top masters in the field of realist painting and drawing that offered live demonstrations, discussions about art history and theory, and a nightly paint session from top art instructors. Their goal was to welcome a more diverse and inclusive audience and ensure more emerging artists are exposed to the techniques of the masters. Scholarship winners were awarded with a free general admission ticket, year long demo playback, and a Royal Talens swagbag ($500 worth of art supplies)! Awesome! We look forward to more opportunities and exposure into new arenas in the future.

October 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Alayjah Robinson + Isabelle Loobie 



3 Year Anniversary Campaign 

We celebrated our 3 Year anniversary on September 4th with a month-long activation and weekly raffles! We highlighted our artist growth and raffled prizes to BGWP Members based on weekly themes to encourage our community to think outside the box in how we see ourselves in the art world. Sheneese Rohelia won our 1st week prize of a customized BGWP Black Tee and 2 custom pouch bags for paint utensils. Robyn Thompson-Duong won our 2nd week prize of The Growth Journal by Addie Rawr + Show Your Art by Gita Joshi. Lauren Wallen won our 3rd week prize of watercolor sets from Beam Paints + an ArtSnacks Plus Box from ArtSnack. Korina Isler won our 4th week prize of a 1 year subscription to Creativebug. We loved encouraging our community to journal, read, try new mediums and techniques.

Black Girl Ventures DC Pitch Competition 

We participated in the Black Girl Ventures' 2020 Washington, D.C. Pitch Competition on September 10th along with 7 Black and Brown woman- identifying founders! Due to COVID-19 concerns, Black Girl Ventures made the competition into a virtual event. We had the opportunity to film our 3 minute pitch that allowed for increased viewership and Black Girl Ventures supporters across the globe to tune in, submit their votes, and make donations through SheRaise. Our pitch won 3rd place, received over 40 votes (donations), and were able to raise over $1,500 to help scale BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT! This is such an accomplishment, as this was our Founder, Sasha- Loriene's first pitch competition ever that came at a very crucial time during our 2021 organizational strategic planning! What a fun experience to be a part of! We want to thank all of our amazing supporters near and far, as well as the Black Girl Venture team for making this all possible.

September 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Riley Morris + Kaylah Turner



August 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Symone Terrell Newman + Loren Scott

Fall 2020 Student Award Recipients: Danae Antoine + Symphonii Smith-Kennedy




We partnered with organizations committed to increasing visibility for BIPOC artists and long-term systemic change for racial justice and diversity. Our goal in working with these organizations was to see more Black women artists with sustainable art practices and essential resources needed to navigate the art community. Some of our long-term partnerships included the following organizations:

Resource List Creation

After many companies remained silent or reluctant to make a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we decided to gather information about Black woman-owned and Black-owned galleries, artist resources that cater to Black women artists, and resources for parents of young artists. We also included a list of art companies that publicly supported the movement and spoke out against police brutality in our community. We wanted to see more accountability and financial responsibility within the art industry. We encouraged other artists and small businesses to fill in the gaps and support where they could, as well.

July 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Kimberly Greenhill + Ruth Hardy



Black Lives Matter & Art Activism

During the George Floyd and Breyonna Taylor protests, many members of our community were active in the Black Lives Matter movement. Along with bringing awareness to police brutality and the blatant social injustice of Black communities, many called out organizations for not supporting the Black community and demanded immediate action. We called out large art product companies who were aggressively increasing their marketing tactics but were silent when it came to speaking out against social injustice against Black and Brown communities. We encouraged our audience to practice social responsibility when patronizing art stores and organizations, especially the ones that capitalize on political art activism but do not publicly support our community. We also implored prominent galleries, institutions, and organizations to both acquire artwork from Black women artists and hire more Black women in executive and managerial positions within arts administration. We helped bring accountability to those organizations and were a part of the movement that amplified artists' voices, specifically Black women artists. A huge wave of support for Black artists soon followed and allowed many of our members and audience to attain more traction on their artwork.

BGWP Awards Fund Increase

The value of e-gift cards for each Girls Award increased from $50 to $75, the number of Girls Awards increased from 1 to 2 Black girls/teen painters each month, and the number of Student Awards increased from 1 to 2 Black students/ young adults each semester based on donations. Also, Gamblin Artists Colors created two batches of Limited Edition 'Equality Orange' as a response to social injustice. Within a matter of days, every tube of Equality Orange made (1,090 in all) was purchased, raising $14,715. 100% of what was spent on this color was invested in non-profit organizations that fight for equality and justice. Gamblin Artists Colors also contributed along with other patrons, increasing the total amount raised to $21,000. An additional donation of $1,000 plus $1,000 worth of oil painting materials were donated to the BGWP Awards Fund! Each Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 recipients would receive a $250 voucher for oil paint redeemable at Gamblin Artists Colors.

June 2020 Girls Award Recipient: Athena Clark



BGWP Awards Fund Launch 

Introduction of the BGWP Awards Fund, our community initiative that supports actual Black girls, teens, and young adults in their art endeavors - The Girls Awards (monthly $50 e-gift card to an art store for supplies are rewarded to a girl between the ages of 6-18) and The Student Awards (a $500 academic scholarship for Spring and Fall Semesters awarded to a student between the ages of 17-21 currently enrolled, at least part-time, in a visual arts program)!

May 2020 Girls Award Recipients: Chassity Davis (Sponsored by Black Girl Social Club) + Oniya Williams



Cupcakes & Convos: BGWP Washington, DC Meet Up

Our 4th BGWP DC Meet Up called Cupcakes & Convos at Coffy Cafe was on February 22nd. We enjoyed great company, cupcakes, and more at our Meet and Greet Mixer while discussing topics planned for BGWP in the Washington, DC area, including community-engagement projects, artist and business tips, Spring and Summer beautification initiatives, and exhibition proposals. We also incorporated feedback from this event for our first exhibition in Washington DC that was ultimately rescheduled due to COVID-19. We can't wait to see this come to fruition!


Total rebrand and relaunch of BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT, including our website, membership, directory, and new additions to focus more on cataloguing and curating our community while providing more outreach and opportunities, as opposed to solely social media exposure. Specifically, our goals included: