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Likes & followers are great but don’t necessarily equate to sales or the meaningful “exposure” we really need in terms of the art world & business. Not to mention, many of us are self-taught artists with little to no formal training or education in the arts, business, or entrepreneurship. If social media crashed, your account(s) were disabled or the algorithm changed again (which it will), where would your actual art/business be? Even further, where would your art practice be without social?

Hence the BGWP membership, a platform where members can utilize BGWP not only as a global tool to showcase themselves as working artists, their artwork, & their art events, but also as a means to find & connect BGWPs to each other &potential clients. We want to see more Black women painters in spaces that we once dreamed about (magazines, galleries, museums, public art, cinema, etc.) & in positions of both power & ownership. Together, we're making that happen!


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*The purpose of the BGWP membership is to compliment your current art practice & business, not create either for you. Active participation will enhance your experience as a BGWP member & throughout your art journey overall.



Check out our FAQs about the required information to be showcased on our website, as all listings MUST be complete & approved by our team (24-72 hours after submission) to ensure full/accurate information & membership alignment with the BGWP mission. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or included in our outreach effort - ie. newsletters, press releases, quarterly magazine, social media platforms, etc. Submissions will pend until approved. No refunds.

BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT Community Guidelines (Code of Ethics)



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