BGWP supports actual Black girl painters!

Formerly known as the BGWP Awards Fund, The Passion To Purpose (PTP) Fund supports the next generation of young Black artists (girls, teens, and students), with their artistic pursuits. Originally created in May 2020 as a response to national pandemics and seeing how we could  better serve our community, The PTP Fund provides meaningful resources and encouragement to our younger sisters, as well as giving them an opportunity to share their story. A portion of every membership fee and donations go towards the PTP Fund (Girls Award + Student Scholarship), as this initiative is 100% funded by the BGWP community - donors, sponsors, and members. If you are interested in directly supporting the artistic pursuits of Black girl and teen painters across the globe, please consider donating or becoming a Corporate Sponsor! As our membership and funding grow, that number of awards, resources, and capital will also increase to ensure more recipients and provide a more robust program(s). Let's continue to be the change that we wish to see!


BGWP Corporate Sponsors: